Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger -from Houzz

For most of us, a small kitchen is not ideal. However, you don’t have to let a small kitchen be the deal breaker that stands between you and your next dream home. Something can be done! The pros over at Houzz magazine have a few helpful tips for you.  You just might find that your small kitchen doesn’t have to feel so small after all…

‘I’d be willing to bet that when you think about your dream kitchen, it doesn’t include the word “tiny.” Yet that’s the reality that many of us live with: skimpy counter space, a cramped work triangle and precious little space for appliances. If you’re not ready — or willing — to knock out a kitchen wall, you can at least do the next best thing: Create the impression of a bigger space with a few strategic decorating tricks.’A small kitchen may feel bigger with glass cabinet doors                                                                      

Replace solid cabinet doors with glass ones. Glass fronts lighten the look of cabinetry and allow the eye to travel through to the back, which helps make a small kitchen seem more expansive. Just don’t clutter the interiors with bric-a-brac — you’ll defeat the purpose.’








This excerpt is from a Houzz article on small kitchens. They may be an obstacle, but they do not have to be a deal breaker during your next home search. Check out the rest of the tips they offer over at Houzz, and start envisioning the possibilities!

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